Accelerating Business Development
through Trusted Relationships

As one of the Nation’s Cyber Mentors, each Mentor Protege Company (MPC) 
will be invited to participate on panels, events, conferences, 
and “VIP” events as a trusted member of the Cyber Ecosystem

The Value

Value One - Brand MPC into Community

Brand the MPC into the Cyber Ecosystem by producing a high quality marketing video (MPC Trailer) about the MPC, its mission, and its products and services. The marketing asset will include the importance of cyber education in our schools to create the next generation of cyber leaders and the MPC’s role as a sponsor of Cyber Teachers across the nation. The MPC will be able to use the video in their marketing efforts to include on their website.

Value Two - Brand MPC into LifeJourney
Platform and Ecosystems

Mentor Protege companies will be added as a field trip to the LifeJourney platform with an introduction to the Mentor Protege Program and its member companies where students, teachers and schools will learn more about them, as well as their parents who are part of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and other large purchasers of products and services. This will provide peer branding to large iconic corporate brands.

Value Three - Connect MPC to Government Executives

MPCs will be connected to senior government leaders from the NSA, NIST, DHS, and the DOD through executive VIP events, conferences and seminars.

Value Four - Create lead generation through
Community Leadership and Branding

Each MPC will be provided with 12 Cyber Teacher Certification Scholarships per year to provide to schools within their communities. This will brand the MPC as a member of the community who is giving back to the students and helping create the next generation, and brands the MPC as a “thought leader” in cyber.

Value Five - Connect with Senior Systems Integrators
MPC will be invited to sit on conference panels and get branded as a cyber community thought leader.

Value Six - Connect with Senior Cyber Technology Leaders

MPC will be invited to sit on cyber community advisory boards alongside senior government leaders and industry.


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